Circles of Leadership unites executive knowledge with roundtable sessions to bridge the gap in the leadership journey.

welcome to your personal board of advisors

Grow and lead through hands-on coaching to fill a skills gap like personnel, prioritization, market positioning or communication.

One-on-One Coaching

Join a facilitated and curated circle with 8-10 other leaders to create a confidential external board of advisors.

group leadership circles

C-Suite and Executive coaching for growth-oriented and passionate leaders.

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With our collaborative approach, we've been helping leaders just like you scale their business and surpass their goals for over 30 years. Learn about our philosophy and executive coach, Dan Raker.

02. Accomplish big things and enjoy the process along the way.

01. Acknowledge the hero/ine in your heart and...

About Us

two simple philosophies guide our work

nick schriver,

"In my most productive session, Dan and I did a deep dive one-on-one for the entire session, as he helped me navigate several big items. Dan has his pulse on the group, and is able to ask the right questions at the right time to get those wheels spinning. He could give an answer but has found that walking us through the process we are able to find the best answers and solutions on our own."

Brian mellea,
managing partner

"Dan is one of those folks with both a great brain to think big and the down to earth nature to balance those two and make something happen. And his ego does not get in the way. He'd be great to start a business with or get ideas to grow your business."

What they say. What they say.

4 Steps Towards Using a Coach to Find the Hero/ine in Your Heart

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just circling back: favorites from our blog

From entrepreneur, to successfully scaling and running businesses for over 40 years, to executive coach. Get to know our story.

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